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ravyn's house of mayhem

the quest for world domination continues

28 August 1975
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cynical idealist, born at the wrong time into a world that doesn't quite make a whole lot of sense nor offer too many places to fit in. currently mixing nihilism with a sort of zen-like inner peace. i don't care, i don't care that i don't care, and very little bothers me, because in the end, we're all gonna die. life is too short to endure bullshit which you are not absolutely compelled to put up with, and you don't have time in this short existence to do all the things that you want to do, so there's no time to be wasted on the things you don't. the proverbial bus may come tomorrow and mow you down, so make the most of your existence while it's here.

oh yeah, i'm also a mass of contradictions. am not!

one more thing. this is my journal. these are my thoughts. nobody has asked you to be here. if you don't like what i have to say, or you're pissed off because you've gotten a mention in one of my entries and don't like what i wrote, then i must respectfully ask that you fuck yourself straight to hell and not come back.

ok, one more... if you add me to your friends list, and i don't already know you, do me the courtesy of leaving a comment or something so i know who you are and how you got here.
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